Welcome to the Europa CRO node website. An european validator node on the blockchain

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What is Cronos?

Cronos is the second official blockchain by, with support for EVM/smart-contracts/MetaMask/...

Add easily the CRONOS Network to your MetaMask wallet by clicking here:

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Welcome to 🇪🇺 EUROPA

This website is related to the Europa CRO validator node You can find more information about the validator on this page, and useful links.

What is a CRO validator?

Recently, start its own blockchain, a mainnet using the CRO token natively (it was originally an ERC-20 token from the Ethereum blockchain). The blockchain is more detailed on the website, this blockchain rely on a DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) algorithm.

This way, anybody can participate easily:


⚠️ WARNING: You can ask for unstake your CRO to your wallet when you want, but this action will NOT be immediate, you will need to wait ~28 days, it's a network time called "unbonding_time". There is also similar limitations to avoid you to redelegate too often.


⚠️ WARNING: Only the top-100 validators are eligible, so if you are not able to enter the competition with the 80~90th nodes, you should delegate instead.

Which validator should I choose?

You can choose a validator on 4 criteria:

  1. The commissions rates applied by this validator (you can find it using the CRO Validator list link below).
  2. The trust you give the validator (if the validator goes offline, you will cease to receive rewards).
  3. Do you want to delegate to the richest validators (that will probably not goes offline soon…), or do you prefer to delegate to a smaller one and contribute to the decentralization of this blockchain.
  4. The rank of the validator, as only the top-100 nodes obtain rewards, You should avoid those ranked lower than 80th place.

How can I delegate some CRO to this validator?

You can use the Desktop Wallet from (still beta) Using the Staking features, use the following Validator Address: crocncl1f5tczesgrq4p0que3qadekk56z3k5nj4ktcupv
Or you can use the DeFi wallet app on Android/iOS and search for "🇪🇺 Europa - 0% Commission"

⚠️ WARNING: You MUST use the Staking delegation feature ONLY. Do NOT try to send CRO directly on the validator address

Where the EUROPA validator is host?

To be 100% transparent, I currently use a Contabo VPS “VPS XL SSD” located in Germany. Contabo is a german hosting vps/server provider, which offers VPS at an exceptional price considering the SSD space, CPU and RAM they offer. The servers do not offer the fastest SSDs, but are sufficient today for a CRO validator.